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Plant Identification and Use is a Course

Plant Identification and Use

Time limit: 60 days

$40 Enroll

Full course description

Plant Identification and Use is a self-paced, online course developed by Clemson Extension. Participants will learn to name and identify 119 trees, shrubs, groundcovers and vines based on their leaves/needles, stems, buds, fruits, flowers, bark, and whole plant characteristics. This course is for anyone interested in learning how to identify and effectively use plants in the southeastern landscape.


Woody and herbaceous plants offer beauty and function in residential/commercial landscapes, streetscapes, parks, golf courses, and other recreational areas. Throughout this course, participants will view a series of video presentations to help them learn to identify the common and scientific names of over 100 commonly cultivated plant species. This course consists of sixteen content modules and participants will have the opportunity to test their knowledge throughout the course by completing the self-check, plant identification quizzes.